"Treatment Tailored for Individual Needs!"
Tuscaloosa: 205.345.4441    Northport: 205.333.9885

At APTOR, each patient receives a thorough evaluation to identify specific deficits and functional limitations. Then, in conjunction with the referring physician, the patient and other members of the rehabilitative team, individualized goals and treatment programs are developed and implemented for speedy recovery.

Services offered:
     Physical Therapy
     Massage Therapy
     Anodyne Therapy
     Aquatic Therapy
     Fibromyalgia Program
     Hand Therapy
     Sports Medicine
     Vestibular Rehab and Balance Training
Industrial Services:

     Work Reconditioning/Hardening
     FCEs (Functional Capacity Evaluation)
     Impairment Ratings
     Post Offer Employment Screenings
     Job Site Analysis
     On-Site Industrial Programs

 Conditions treated may include:
     Neck and Back Pain
     Muscle Tightness, Stiffness and Pain
     Work Injuries
     Sports Injuries
     Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
     Traumatic Injuries
     Disc Injuries
     Nerve Injuries